Prerequisits, alternatives and exemptions

Note: 98% of our students passed the last DSH-test succesfully!

Almost all foreign applicants for a university place have to pass the Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) before they are allowed to start their studies at a German University.

A prerequisite for this is the successful completion of the intermediate level with at least 360 lessons.

An exemption is only possible in exceptional cases. For example, you don´t have to take the DSH- test with a German Abitur you took abroad.

Other alternatives are (inter alia):
- Test-DaF


The DSH is organized by the TU Dortmund in cooperation with Verein InterStuDo e.V.. The Verein InterStuDo e.V. will charge a processing fee of 120,- €. Applications at the TU Dortmund.


What is the DSH-test like? You can find an example on our page DSH-sample. More links to other exams on the internet can be found here...

New regulations

At many universities, the DSH-test still follows the old examination regulations: You pass the test with at least 66.6 %.

But more and more universities, including Bochum and Dortmund, accept a new regulation with three different levels:
• DSH 1 - passed with 57 %,
• DSH 2 - passed with 67 % and
• DSH 3 - passed with 82 %.

To study at a German university, DSH 2 is required. In very few cases, an exception can be made for DSH 1 graduates.