tl_files/bilder/artikel/studenten/studenten-1.jpgpdL offers:

  • classification and qualified advice at the registration
  • help and advice: with your registration, your visa and your future studies
  • Continuous learning controls and sample tests
  • classic and modern teaching materials
  • internationally mixed groups and homogeneous level stages
  • Classrooms in the center of Dortmund


tl_files/bilder/artikel/studenten/studenten-2.jpgYou profit by:

  • close relations with the universities within the region
  • cooperation agreement with the University of Dortmund
  • professionally trained and experienced staff


tl_files/bilder/artikel/studenten/studenten-3.jpgOur German courses stand for:

  • a kind, eased atmosphere
  • individual support
  • perfectly on the examination co-ordinated training
  • fun while studying