Level 4

The texts are becoming more demanding: You will learn to follow complex audiotexts and give presentations. Selected current topics picked from the media will be analyzed and discussed. You will be writing more texts of your own and continue to practice known grammatical structures designed to enhance your dominance of them.

Intermediate German also features visits to museums, modern industrial plants or university campuses. On top of that, we usually tend to organize informal get-togethers like our famed PDL sommerfest.

Naturally, we are disposed to assist you in preparing your entrance into the university system. Whatever problems you may encounter – visa-related, registration or other – we’ll find a solution.

Level 4A – Bridging Course

The Bridging Course covers the proficiency level in between Intermediate I and the DSH Course. Experience shows that most students require this additional course in order to pass the DSH exam. The course focuses on the systematic expansion of the student’s vocabulary, demanding audiotexts, and text composition. Towards the end of the course, a number of DSH test exams are given to keep the students focused on their goal. However, there will also be room for discussion and excursions.

By passing a number of specific tests, you can obtain a direct qualification for the next DSH Course in this Bridging Course. The DSH Course registration is in turn accepted as sufficient legitimate reason for visa extensions.