How to write better German

Knowing the words is one thing, but the construction of sentences often causes problems.
Students are often very worried when they have to write in a foreign language, but that´s not necessary!
In this course, you can learn how to write German sentences and texts and you will discover how much fun it is to express yourself in a foreign language in written form.

Of course there are strategies, but the most important thing is to just try and practise! Making mistakes is normal and an important part of learning, too. Every text you write in this course will be corrected and talked about in detail.

Prerequisits for attending: Knowledge of the German language at the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)

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Communication skills and regional and cultural studies

Listening comprehension, pronunciation and communication are especially important if you want to live, work and study in Germany. We offer this course to all intermediate and advanced students of the German language, who are interested in improving their communication skills.

What is the course all about?
In this course, you can get practice in pronunciation, giving a small lecture and understanding difficult listening texts. You will also take a closer look at common speech, for German people often speak a language that´s quite different from the coursebook language. In class, we will listen to and discuss listening texts about various situations not only in cafés but also at the office and at university.

But it is also about intercultural learning. Has anyone ever said “Komm doch mal vorbei“ to you? You might think it was a real invitation, but this person was only being polite. But how do you invite someone? How can you be direct and polite at the same time?

As you know, the DSH is also an oral examination and this course is a very effective way of preparing for it. Besides, it is easier to be successful in your studies and your professional career when you can join the small talk in the cafeteria. In this course, we want to give you the opportunity to train and improve your skills in an easygoing and communicative way!

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Grammar Course

This course deals exclusively with German grammar. Students beyond Intermediate German are able to present individual grammatical problems which are discussed together.

So you already speak good German, yet still face occasional difficulties with grammatical forms already covered in Basic and Intermediate German and would like to rehash certain selected items and do more exercises? Or else require specific grammar preparation for a language exam (DaF Certificate, ZMP, DSH)?

In that case, this is the course you’ve been waiting for: An intense grammar drill to finally put behind you all this annoying German grammar stuff!

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Advanced level

After successfully finishing B2 you haven´t lost interest in the German language? On the contrary, you would like to go on improving you German skills? Have you even become curious about German literature? Or would you like to learn how to express your opinion appropriately and develop your own style? Proficient speakers is an afternoon course giving you this opportunity, and it will also prepare you for the Zentrale Oberstufenprüfung (ZOP) or the Kleine Sprachdiplom.

The course is divided into three parts with 60 lessons each.

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